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Whoever touches the life of the child touches the most sensitive point of a whole which has roots in the most distant past and climbs toward the infinite future. --- Maria Montessori




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Sands Montessori School

 An elementary magnet school offering the Montessori teaching method in grades preschool through six.


Principal- Mrs. Sarah Lord 

Assistant principal- Mrs. Jaren Finney


Vision: Sands Montessori is a community of capable, empowered, responsible, and lifelong learners.

Mission: Sands Montessori, a Cincinnati Public School, educates the whole child to be a lifelong learner and a responsible contributor to our global community.  We do this through culturally integrated education that nurtures the relationship between child, parent, school and community.  




Important Reminders

Parent Communication

Communication with parents is extremely important to the staff at Sands Montessori.  We communicate regularly with parents through scheduled conferences, telephone calls, and shared weekly student work contracts.  Your child’s progress is important to us and therefore we want to schedule focused time for parent communication.  We ask parents to schedule teacher conferences or classroom visitations in advance with their child’s classroom teacher.  Staff is responsible for instructing and monitoring students within their care so we kindly ask that you refrain from On the Spot” conferences which can be distracting and disruptive to our learning environment. 

Student dismissal changes must be in writing and presented to the classroom teacher first thing in the morning.  For emergency changes, please contact the main office prior to 2:30pm.  Our office staff will notify students/teachers of emergency changes at the end of the day so as not to disrupt learning.  Families should not call the office and change dismissal routines on a regular basis as this is challenging for students and staff.  Our student’s academic day is from 9:15 to 3:45.  It is important for students to be in attendance for a full day unless they are sick.  We appreciate parents making every effort to schedule appointments for students outside of the school day.

Parents can find information about our school events in the SMPO Reporter, parent bulletin board, parent center, or on our school website. We encourage all parents to sign up for Power School, the District-wide computer accessed information system which will allow you to view your child’s grades and progress toward the learning objective.  Contact your child’s teacher or our main office for further information.

Finally, individual teachers will also share with parents their best means of daily communication utilized in their classrooms.

Observing Classrooms or Volunteering

Visitors are always welcome at Sands Montessori.  Upon entering the building, ALL visitors must report to the office to explain the purpose of their visit, to sign in and to obtain a visitor’s pass.  We are proud to share our students work. In order for the educational process to ensue, please follow these guidelines:

·       Please make an appointment to observe or volunteer at least one day in advance. Too many observers can be disturbing to our children. Also, if you are volunteering or tutoring, the teacher will need time to prepare work for you that will be beneficial to the children and enjoyable for you.

·       Stop at the office first and sign in at the front desk indicating your destination. You will be given a badge to wear while you are in the building.

·       In the classroom, enter quietly and sit in the space designated for you by the teacher.

·       Do not interrupt children or staff while they are working. Wait until an appropriate break to ask the teacher any question you might have.

·       Remember that as an observer or volunteer, you are bound by the same code of ethics as any other adult at Sands Montessori. You are not free to discuss any child's behavior or personal information with anyone else. Please do not ask staff members questions about children other than your own.

·       If you would like to discuss your observation or a classroom issue with the teacher, please request a conference time or a phone call. The teacher will not be able to engage in a lengthy discussion during the school day.

·       To minimize distractions during the school day, forgotten items (homework, lunch etc.) or needed supplies/notes must be delivered to the office.

Thank you for supporting the teaching and learning process by following these procedures.  We appreciate your understanding and diligence in helping us to maintain our excellent program.



State Online Practice Tests

Here are two important sites for teachers, students, and parents.  They are sites with practice tests for the new online testing program in Ohio.
New State Online Reading and Mathematics Practice Tests

New State Online Science and Social Studies Practice Tests