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CPS' Magnet School Online Process 

Cincinnati Public Schools' magnet elementary schools offer a variety of interesting content focuses and teaching styles to give parents and students educational choices, and to appeal to students' different interests and learning preferences.

Parents choose to send their children to magnet elementary schools by applying during the district's annual application process - applying a school year ahead. (Other options are the district's thriving neighborhood elementary schools, to which students are assigned based on home addresses.)

Applications to Cincinnati Public Schools' Magnet schools are submitted online and seats are given out via random lottery*. Each online application is given a computer-generated lottery number, which determines the order in which space at each magnet school is assigned.
*Exception: the online application is not used for applications from siblings of current magnet school students or for resident students submitting out-of-area (East or West) applications. Paper applications are handed in at the magnet schools for these two categories.

Advantages to this online application system:

Parents may fill out magnet school applications from any computer or tablet with internet access, or by using the CPS mobile app.
(If needed, parents
may use computers in CPS schools and at the CPs customer help Center inside the Education Center, 2651 Burnet Avenue, 45219, Corryville.)

Parents my apply to up to five magnet schools with one online application and rank them in order of preference.

Lottery Application Rounds

The magnet application lottery is run in three rounds, scheduled about six weeks apart.
Parents may submit online applications any time during the four-week Round1 - November 12 to December 10, 2016. There is no need to be "first in line" any more.
Applying in Round 1 gives a student the best chance to get into the families' first choice magnet school. Waiting to apply in Round 2 or Round 3 is not recommended because many magnet schools fill up during Round 1.

Parents may submit only one online application per child per school year.

Sign-up Dates for 2017 - 2018 School Year

Early Application Period - Siblings - 0ct. 17 - 28, 2016

Regular Application Period - online Applications

The online application is available starting at 6 a.m. on the opening date of each round and closes at 11:59 p.m. on the last date of each round.

Round 1 - November 12 - December 10, 2016

Round 2 - February 1 - 24, 2017

Round 3 - April 5 - 21, 2017

Residents Out-of-Area Application - Begins May 17, 2017

Magnet Preschool Information

Cincinnati Public Schools' preschool programs give children a strong start as they beginning their educational journey. Preschool is not mandatory, but children who attend preschool gain valuable skills - such as how to count, to share and play with others, and to follow instructions - while also enjoying many new experiences.

Details: Applicants to magnet school preschools must be age 3 or 4 by September 30, 2017

Tuition is $3,500 per school year for half-day preschool and $6,800 per school year for full-day preschool.

Bus transportation is not provided for preschoolers

Parents must turn in a current medical and dental form for each child to secure a child's place on a class list.

Parents must pay required deposits when the child is accepted into preschool.

Early Childhood Education Department: (513) 363-0240