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Ms. Sarah Lytle's Class room 2010
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Room 2003 celebrated their annual Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on November 21st. Thank you to our room parent, Becky Marrington, for organizing a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition. The students enjoyed their own homemade butter on toast, jelly beans, popcorn, pretzels and most of all, being together. The students learned that traditions offer a chance to say “" thank you”" for the contribution that someone has made and that traditions bring families and friends together to create lasting memories.

Room 1012 has been very busy getting ready for Thanksgiving! We have been learning about Thanksgiving, Native Americans, and the Pilgrims. We have also been brainstorming things that we are thankful for.
We have been cooking several different foods for our Thanksgiving feast including cornbread muffins, homemade butter and whipping cream, fresh popped popcorn, and apple pies. We have also made Pilgrim hats to wear to our feast. Kindergarten students have enjoyed drawing and painting their cute Thanksgiving turkeys as well. We are ready to celebrate and give thanks!
Good News From Room 2006
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Ray project from Ms. Eliza's Class
Batise Tucker grade 3 

The children in Room 1005 are learning to read and they are doing an incredible job! 

Butterfly Release 
Ms. Karen's Class room 1002
Ms. Mitza's Class room 1008
  Ms. Eliza's Class room 1009  

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Such a great day! Thank you Shawn!

Sands Montessori was recently featured on news broadcasts, including this story from WLWT, when Cincinnati Bengals Safety Shawn Williams and the Marvin Lewis Community Fund visited Sands for a special assembly with students to talk about persevering to achieve your goals.  


  Our own media specialist, Ms. Robyn Appino, was featured in a WCPO Digital story about Sands Montessori's new Maker Space and the opportunities it will provide for the students and staff at Sands. The Maker Space, funded by SMPO with money raised by the organization, is only one of two such spaces in Cincinnati Public School elementary schools. We look forward to seeing all the great things created in this space!


Ms. Eliza Martin's Classroom Photos


Good News from 2002! 



We are so happy to introduce Miss Amy Becker and all of our new first level students! Miss Amy is doing great and so are all of our new students. It has been fun watching all of them learn our routines and procedures. They are working hard each and every day! Miss Amy is enjoying being in our classroom. She is enjoying learning all the wonderful things about each and every student! We are so lucky to have her.


Many years ago, the Oglala Sioux holy man, Black Elk, told of a vision he had a sick child. He felt as if his body was floating high above the earth, being raised into the air on a cloud. As he looked down, he saw a circle. In the circle were two roads. The road running from West to East was dark. He saw that this was the Road of Difficulty. The road running from North to South was a beautiful, vibrant red. He saw that this was the Road of Peace. At the center where the two roads crossed, a tree grew. This was a sacred tree. He saw that when people walked the Road of Peace, the tree flowered and birds came to sing.

In Community 2001 this year, we are walking the Road of Peace. We have our own ‘‘ sacred tree’’ and students have the opportunity to help our tree flower each day. Ways we walk the Road of Peace are by being kind to others, working peacefully, trying our best in all we are doing, helping the environment, being a good friend, and practicing Mindfulness. Please join us on our Road of Peace.

In Peace,

Ms. Sarah, Ms. Jen, and the friends of Community 2001