Good News from Room 2006 — First Week Back

October 21, 2020

Ms. Pam reads to a Sands studentWe had a wonderful first week back in school even though we only have half of our students with us each day! The children have quickly adapted to our distancing, mask wearing and staying in their seats all the time. This group has been amazing during virtual learning too, including the day when we lost our internet mid-lesson. I had a parent politely report, by text, that the students were still in the meeting but had appointed a second grader to lead them and were raising their hands to take turns sharing while they waited patiently for us to come back online! What a wonderful Montessori moment that was for me.

Besides getting back to work with Montessori materials — don't worry we have a cleaning cycle going on and the kids use the same material for their two days — my favorite times with the children this past week were in my daily walks to the far back field with them for snack time after our specialist classes. Our informal conversations in moments like these are what really make me happy about them being with us. They are remarkable young people and they fill me with Good News.

Enjoy the small moments!

Ms. Pam