Sands Students Build a Canoe

February 5, 2020

Canoe Completed

In only nine days, students worked together with staff from the Camping and Education Foundation to construct a beautiful skin-on-frame canoe as well as two paddles. They were introduced to dozens of techniques, from lashing and lacing to skinning and steam-bending, all while employing their knowledge of math and science. Students will have a chance to paddle their canoe (and others) during field trips to Burnet Woods in May.

Sands Montessori thanks:

  • Sam, Austin and Dima for guiding the students through this amazing process.
  • All of the 6th graders for their hard work.
  • Parents Susan Miller, Shannon Schaffer, Lexie Clady, Vicki Spector, Natalie Butcher, Erin Wolfe, Casey Beagle, Misty Hamilton, Ed Hughes, Patrick McNamara, Kimberly Wagner, Eric Stirnkorb and Nyonu Lewis for their help with the build.
  • Sands custodians Mr. Bob, Mr. James, Ms. Stacey and Mr. Vince for their support and assistance.
  • Nikki Marksberry for forging the initial link with the Camping and Education Foundation that made this possible.
  • And of course to the Camping and Education Foundation itself for providing this innovative and empowering program free of charge.